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"It's not a secret that karate in New York City is seriously underdeveloped. Not only is there a lack of qualified karate instructors all over New York State, but most of the martial arts schools (NYC karate schools in particular) are also far behind Europe as far as facilities are concerned. Very few karate dojos in New York City are properly equipped with showers. Karate classes are held in small, poorly ventilated rooms in almost every school in Manhattan. For commercial reasons, NYC karate lessons are cut down to 45 minutes. As a result, the quality of karate training in New York is noticeably poor, the popularity of karate as a martial art is minimal, and world-class karate schools in NYC are almost nonexistent."

Jodan Yoko Geri Kekomi by Sensey George Goshadze


George Goshadze - Over 30 years teaching experience.
5th degree black belt, SKIF - Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation


To establish a real, powerful karate school in Manhattan based not only on the best traditions and true spirit of karate, but also on its genuine understanding and practical application in the modern world.

Everything you learn here will MAKE SENSE.

NOTE: There is a big difference between the genuine art of karate and the distorted substitutes one usually sees today!


There is only one step to any star, but you must know the path.

Through the mastering of our bodies we perceive the way to the mastering of our souls.

Know your soul, own your soul, be your own master - Tavisupali and you will tame time and distance.

Remember, there is nothing you can't achieve if you truly want it, in the same way that there is nothing you truly want if you can't achieve it.


My first generation of students (above) began training in 1991 in Georgia. I never stopped being proud of those boys. They became real karatekas, refined people and excellent competitors.

Now, in NYC, I am looking for people who truly intend to invest themselves in martial arts with me. I want to make them as good as it gets in karate.

Beginners and intermediates (any age above 8) are very much encouraged to join us! They will quickly build their skills in our two-hour beginner classes on Tuesdays.

Black belts are more than welcome, especially if they come from traditional karate schools!


Baruch College generously provides us with state of the art facilities, and we are perfectly equipped not only for our daily practices, but also for events of any scale. On top of unlimited karate classes, those with advanced membership can have full access to the college�s fitness center, including gym and pool, for only $150 a month.


We are located in the very heart of New York City, at Baruch College's state of the art Vertical Campus.
Athletic & Recreation Center
55 Lexington Avenue, Level B1, New York, NY 10010
(Enter from 24th street)

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$100 monthly membership fee for unlimited karate classes (or $225 for three months).

20% discount for NYC students,* including high school and middle school kids.

Friday beginner classes are OPEN AND FREE FOR NEW PARTICIPANTS.*

* All members still have to pay a $25 monthly fee to Baruch College for use of its facilities.


Our classes are two hours long. You are going to practice hard enough in the dojo, at least 8 hours a week. I will also assign some homework, conditioning and daily stretching.

We pay equal attention to Kihon(basic technique), Kata(forms) and Kumite(fighting) emphasizing real and meaningful applications.

The course includes the best of traditional karate, plus practical self-defense, and close combat program (defense in the street and confined space (bus, elevator), practical chokes and escapes, joint locks and manipulations).

You are supposed to learn how to fight here and you will.

Spiritual development is a primary goal of ours.


NYC Karate

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Thomas Casale - JSKA, Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate School
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