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"It's not a secret that karate in New York City is seriously underdeveloped. Not only is there a lack of qualified karate instructors all over New York State, but most of the martial arts schools (NYC karate schools in particular) are also far behind Europe as far as facilities are concerned. Very few karate dojos in New York City are properly equipped with showers. Karate classes are held in small, poorly ventilated rooms in almost every school in Manhattan. For commercial reasons, NYC karate lessons are cut down to 45 minutes. As a result, the quality of karate training in New York is noticeably poor, the popularity of karate as a martial art is minimal, and world-class karate schools in NYC are almost nonexistent."

Jodan Yoko Geri Kekomi by Sensey George Goshadze

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NYC Shotokan Karate Dojo
Baruch College, Athletic & Recreation Center, (Enter from 24th street)
55 Lexington Avenue, Level B1, New York, NY 10010
Tel:212 537 6534
Fax:212 898 0111

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NYC Karate

Masataka Mori - JKA, Traditional Shotokan Karate School
48 W 68 St., NYC
Richard Amos - WTKO, Advanced Shotokan Karate Classes
206 E 63rd Street, Manhattan, New York City
Thomas Casale - JSKA, Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate School
3519 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, New York
Igor Dyachenko - SKIF, Modern Shotokan Karate Lessons
500 Eighth Ave, NYC
Tadashi Nakamura - Seido Karate School
61 West 23rd St., Manhattan, New York City